5 Tiny Changes for an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle!


While an eco-friendly lifestyle may sound a little intimidating for starters, the objectives must remain intact. By that, we mean your choices across several aspects of your life are for the greener good of the world. The smallest changes matter—and KURVE is here to help you get a head start.


Plastic bags and containers, for example, have been part of our daily lives for as long as we can remember. The problem is, we’ve turned a blind eye to their adverse effects on the environment. Luckily, there is a solution to this recurring problem and many have made the switch.


We all find ways to make changes for the better. While it’s not easy to make grand gestures to turn your life around, there are ways you can still make a difference—no matter how small! Many people across the globe are opening their minds to a more sustainable lifestyle and we at KURVE are all for it!


Take a closer look at these fun tips on achieving an eco-friendly lifestyle:

  1. Reduce single-use plastics.


Single-use plastics are disposable after just one use. Remember that grocery bag that kept all your essential items intact? That’s one of them! This practice, although easy, is damaging our oceans and nearby landfills. A few ways you can limit the practice is by opting for a tote bag for your groceries or packaging!

 Other options include using glass containers for food and drinks. Bring a reusable tumbler or jug around with you when you hydrate or pass on using plastic utensils upon ordering food online.

 KURVE has taken huge strides in their efforts to make packaging more sustainable. By using environmentally friendly packaging, not only do you get your new KURVE items in great shape, but you also make the world greener with every order!


Learn more about how KURVE practices corporate social responsibility here![a]

  1. Turn and learn!


A lot of chemical magic goes into every bottle of your favourite product. From skincare to housekeeping essentials, harmful chemicals are on almost every shelf if you don’t pay closer attention to what you are buying. Not only do these chemicals pose possible side effects to your health but they can damage the environment after every use. 

When shopping for your body or house care essentials, opt for brands or products that have eco-friendly ingredients! Turn the bottles and read through their list of potent chemicals. Read up on how organic their methods are and see if you agree with their sustainability initiatives. A little ‘turn and learn’ goes a long way for a greener lifestyle!


  1. Support local.

You may be surprised by how the world’s carbon footprints can be reduced by making choices that are closer to home. Supporting local producers not only boosts camaraderie but also lessens the expense of transporting goods and services to far places.

There’s no harm in choosing to buy your favourite products from across the globe. What we mean to say is to explore your options closest to you. You might find your new holy grail just next door! If possible, buy your fruits and vegetables from local farmers or producers. They will appreciate your support for sure!


  1. Fix or repair as much as you can!

Throwing away good materials when they’re broken can be wasteful and potentially harmful to the environment. While chucking them into the trash bin is a lot cheaper and less troublesome, repairing the material can prove to be fruitful in the end.


Whether it’s a torn sweater or a broken vase, it’s better to repair them for reuse until they are completely worn out. Recycling the material for other purposes like decoration can reduce waste in your household. This practice, although requires more patience, is a lot more practical—and the environment will thank you for it!


  1. Support eco-friendly projects or businesses.

A tiny change in your lifestyle choices can make a huge difference. What more when a whole community decides to make the switch? The smallest ‘yes’ can jumpstart projects or businesses that dedicate their services to a greener future. That is, if you do proper research, you’ll find dozens of initiatives put up by communities in support of eco-friendly practices.


Even better, invite more people to join you! Pledges with your friends such as bringing your own bag every shopping day or using glass bottle refills for storage can make colossal changes in the environmental landscape. You know what they say, the more the merrier!


Take these easy yet necessary steps to help create a greener future. Got a few other tips to share? Let us know by giving KURVE a follow!

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