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We all have our style inspirations and more often than not, their creative input only makes you want to steal their looks! This is no easy feat, however. Expertly crafted combinations of patterns, colours, and even fabric produce the ultimate style icon. 

We all want to take things up a notch now and then. To keep up with the latest style trends, many think about going the extra mile to purchase fashion-forward pieces in hopes of achieving a sustainable style of their own. This method may work—but for how long?

Here at KURVE, we beg to differ. We take pride in making the most out of what is truly essential: the basics. By that, we mean; confidence should not cost you comfort. In fact, we believe the best items in your wardrobe are ones that can last through trend after trend. You will be surprised with how far you can go with a simple top. Take a look at our foolproof tips to get you strutting in your best-dressed self!


1. Keep simple staples on-hand. 

Nothing beats the classic, laid-back ensemble of your favourite pair of jeans, a plain top, and a few of your best accessories. KURVE suggests that to maximise comfort for everyday wear, you must keep a stash of your favourite staple pieces that are easy to mix and match. 

Your staple pieces can go well together with a single statement piece. This way, you can rock a pattern-clad coat without going over the top. Pair it with one of KURVE’s best-selling tops in neutral colours to balance the overall look. 

Tyna Kanna Mirdad in Pasta Tank 1.0 in Mauve

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2. The right size fits all.

It’s not hard to purchase clothes that, although look amazing on you, are rather uncomfortable. More often than not, most shoppers might opt for tops or bottoms that are at least size up or down, depending on preference. While harmless in theory, there are ways to keep comfort and confidence together instead of one without the other. The question is: how?

It all boils down to getting the right size. Basic wear is, by itself, the cream of the crop. When shopping, opt for tops or bottoms that cup your curves in the right places. This polishes the outline of your body, giving you more room to accessorise with layers. Remember: you want stylish—not sloppy.

Olivia Lazuardy in Dickens Bodysuit in Sky

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3. When in doubt, cinch. 

Cinching is, for the lack of a better word, a fashion cheat code. If you own a few box-type dresses or tops, cinching the hems or even the middle can turn the shapeless fabric into something completely new. 

Start by choosing the area you want tightening. Tie a knot over the hems or the loosest part to give off a polished and fitted illusion. If you have a bunch of oversized shirts, cinching the back hems can easily turn them into crop-tops. Pair them with your favourite pair of bottoms, and you’ll have your wardrobe ready for the rest of the week. 

Neswerpus in Amelia Top in Saint

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4. Experiment with textures. 

Want to look pretty in plaid? Have you been thinking about rocking that leather skirt you bought years ago? Bring out the loudest pattern you have in your closet and pair it with neutral staples. Colour combinations can be tricky, especially when you’ve got a myriad of textures to choose from. 

One trick to maximise your wardrobe is to add a pop of colour, pattern, or texture in small amounts. There is no harm in sporting a bold look, but a little goes a long way here. Pairing a leopard skirt with a basic tank top gives you space for extra accessories to top it all off. 

Your basic wear neutralises clashing textures from head to toe. Louder textures like sequins can go well with velvet. Work your way through with patience and you might just figure out your signature style. 

Sara Robert in Kimmy Tank in Ginger

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Back to Basics

Finding your personal style is a journey that starts with building self-confidence from the ground up. Basic wear cuts to the chase—it stays firm as a foundation as you explore a myriad of options. 

Perfecting your personal style becomes second nature when you figure out what works for you. Comfort and style should go hand-in-hand, and KURVE offers every woman the best of both.

Got something wonderful to share? Let us know what you think! Share your thoughts and ideas on how you turn your basics into fashion-forward essentials.

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